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That's really offensive." In addition to costumes of feathers and headdresses, many at the party wore imitation war paint and hollered stereotypical chants by the bonfire.  For Medicine Crane, seeing people wearing feathers was offensive because of the meaning they hold in Indigenous culture. She herself will likely never get to wear feathers, as she hasn't earned them, she said. (Submitted by Tieja Medicine Crane) In response to Medicine Crane's objections on social media, many students who attended the party tried to defend it, while also criticizing her. One student wrote: "It's a stupid thing to get mad about." "If they're allowed to use all of the things white people use, why can't we do this? It's like saying no one can use electricity or something because white people invented it," one poster said.  Medicine Crane said some of the hardest things for her to hear were comments from other Aboriginal students. One said, "Is it racist to wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat? Your logic is dumb. I am sorry but please learn what racism really means."  Tieja Medicine Crane, centre, at her graduation earlier in May. The feather in her cap was blessed before she wore it to her grad ceremony. (Submitted by Tieja Medicine Crane) Initially, Medicine Crane said she hesitated, thinking that maybe she was in the wrong and overreacting, but spurred on by friends and family, she decided to continue raising her concerns.

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